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L&DLife and Doctrine
How the Truth and Grace of the Christian Story Change Everything

Life and Doctrine is about bridging the gap between the lives we lead and the God we need. Perhaps you’re checking out Christianity — this book is designed to help you take a clear look at the Christian story, and invite you to believe it. Maybe you’ve followed Christ for a long time — then this book will help you narrow the gap that exists between what you believe with your head and do with you life. Come discover how the truth and grace of the Christian story. Come discover Life and Doctrine.

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Col_CoverChrist at the Core
A Journey in Colossians

What’s at your core? Upon what do you center your life?

Almost two millennia ago, Paul the Apostle wrote a letter to a church about that very subject. In this guidebook, you’ll journey through book of Colossians as yo discover the centrality and significance of Jesus Christ in all of life.

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The Roots of Redemption in the Book of Genesis

Published for a teaching series at Aletheia Church on the book of Genesis, this guidebook co-authored by Adam leads you on a  journey through the first book of Moses through the lens of the coming redeemer to which Moses points, Jesus Christ. Unless we have a working knowledge of Genesis, Jesus Christ makes almost no sense. In this study guide, you’ll be walked through the major narratives in the book of Genesis, with a particular emphasis on the roots of our redemption in Christ. As you will see, God’s promise to redeem for himself a people are deep, profound, and solid. Come explore the roots of your redemption in the deepest possible sense — in the book of beginnings, the book of Genesis.

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Sex-Love-and-WarSex, Love, and War

Sex is everywhere and Christians aren’t telling a very good story about it. Everyone seems to know what we’re not for, but few know why. This book is about that problem. Culture wars have raged, with the saints on one side and the so-called sinners on the other. When it comes to sex and love, the conflict has been especially violent. This book proposes a different kind of war; a fight to see the beautiful, biblical purpose for human sexuality and love. Whatever your sex, sexuality, or relationship history, the liberation found in God’s design for and renewal of human sexuality are life-changing. Not only are God’s intentions different than what we may expect, they are greater than what we can possibly imagine.

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