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7 Things Christians Must Not Do After the Election
November 9, 2016
7 Things Christians Must Not Do After the Election
My fellow Christian Americans, Last night, Donald Trump won the election and will become the 45th President of The United States of America. This mourning — I mean, morning — I saw a lot of sad, angry, rude, happy, anxious, fearful posts and faces. I was disappointed months ago when the nominating process was over because […]
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Image of God over Issues
June 14, 2016
Image of God over Issues
Once again, an act of terrible violence and evil has occurred. An unhinged Muslim man, motivated by a cocktail of false beliefs about God, hatred of LGBT people, and who knows how much personal brokenness, has injured or killed 100 people in Orlando. Sadly, it took approximately .0025 seconds for our political impulses to get […]
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Trinitarian Politics and Trending Totalitarianism
March 4, 2016
Trinitarian Politics and Trending Totalitarianism
As a pastor, a Christian, and an American, I’m feeling increasingly alienated from my country’s political process. I’m probably not the only one. It may not surprise you that a pastor isn’t happy with politics. But what may surprise you is why. It’s not because I’m a shill for the Republican or Democratic parties. Neither is my […]
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Data Streams | 6 Places to Go
January 4, 2016
What are your data streams? I’ve got a theory about data streams: most of us have way too few, or too many that are too alike. One of my aforementioned measurable goals is to add a number of new data streams to my life. Data streams are those watering holes of information from which you […]
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Crisis Fatigue, Cowardice, and Christian Genocide
August 11, 2014
I’m weary of war. And poverty. And disease. And large-scale crises of any kind, really. I’m soul-tired of decade-long conflicts — of men from my generation dying in deserts across the globe. I’m exhausted of the internet and cable news which delivers evidence of the fall before my very eyes all the time. In short, I’ve got […]
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News and Views Roundup
July 26, 2014
Here are some stories and articles that have garnered my attention this week. Marriage for the Common Good James K.A. Smith is a Philosophy Prof at Calvin College, and a generally stupendous fellow who spins a solid stream of social commentary. Over at Cardus he wrote a great article called Marriage for the Common Good. […]
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A Year After the Bombing, Three Reflections
April 15, 2014
Last year I wrote on my perspectives on the bombing of my city. A year later, a few reflections seem in order. Everything Changed For many in Boston, everything changed. For the victims, the police officers, the leaders, the marathon runners, and even for the perpetrators of the crime, life would never be the same […]
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We Give Thanks
January 6, 2014
(This blog was originally posted at It’s an update on our progress in 2013 at Aletheia) Thankfulness is a discipline. In a society that conditions coolness to mean cynicism, honest thankfulness and hopeful praise is as rare as hens’ teeth (to use a southern expression). But around here, we’ve got a lot to be […]
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Loving Dzhokhar
April 27, 2013
(The following is an article I had the pleasure of writing for Leadership Journal’s Blog.) On the way to work yesterday, I was disturbed. As I scanned through the radio stations, more than once I heard calls to “round up the terrorists,” to “send those foreigners home,” or worse yet, to “eradicate the Muslim threat.” […]
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The Smoke Clears: On Tragedy and Mission
April 18, 2013
As I stood and sang with hundreds of other Christians, “It is well with my soul,” my heart was filled with hope. I was, along with other pastors, praying for the grace of God to shower our hurting home. In solidarity we were gathered, keenly aware of the presence of God with us. It was […]