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7 Things Christians Must Not Do After the Election
November 9, 2016
7 Things Christians Must Not Do After the Election
My fellow Christian Americans, Last night, Donald Trump won the election and will become the 45th President of The United States of America. This mourning — I mean, morning — I saw a lot of sad, angry, rude, happy, anxious, fearful posts and faces. I was disappointed months ago when the nominating process was over because […]
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The Gospel for the Relationally Exhausted
May 9, 2016
The Gospel for the Relationally Exhausted
It’s Springtime in Boston, and that means one thing — exodus. This time each year, around 200,000 students begin to trickle out of the city, many of them never to return, as they enter the real world of employment (hopefully). Others leave the city because of the nature of the place itself. People come here […]
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5 Ways to Friend Well
January 13, 2016
I’m not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way I never picked up the “how you’re supposed to be a friend,” lesson. This has led to me alienating (mostly by accident) people who have tried to befriend me over the years. None of this comes very naturally to me. Despite my disfunction, there […]
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Leaders Must Pull Close
January 5, 2016
Relationships are hard work. What kinds of relationships, you ask? Only the ones with humans. I find within myself and the people I’m privileged to pastor two forces. First is the force which compels us into relationships. Call it love, society, or whatever you like — it’s a strong force. And largely, it’s a good […]