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3 Axioms Helping My Leadership
February 2, 2016
  Axioms are self-evident, pithy truths that fit well in ones mental pockets. Here are three that are really helping me right now. Small is Big I struggled to believe this one. I like big. Big crowds, big results, big faith, big budgets … all that sounds fun. But here’s the deal, big is illusory. […]
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Church Planting and Me: A Love Affair
November 11, 2014
I’ve got a slobbering love affair with church planting. Not the conferences, books, and accouterments of American evangelical church planting culture, but church planting — the actual doing of it. I’m a bit of a purist. I love the start up riskiness, the way it forces the planter to trust God, and the way it creates […]