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What is (Not) God’s Love?
March 14, 2016
What is (Not) God’s Love?
God loves you. This is true, good, right, llnd beautiful. But, it’s not a rug under which we can sweep all our unrepentant sin, willful disobedience, and excuse-laden, self-aggrandizing determination to do what we want. God loves us, and His love for us is different that we may think. How God (Doesn’t) Love Us In […]
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How (Not) to be Creative
September 1, 2014
I’m fairly creative. I’ve got a degree in music, like to draw, appreciate great design, and am otherwise an aesthetically oriented guy. As a music student, I came across a distinction that I didn’t know existed — that of absolute music and program music. If you’ll endure the definitions, absolute music is music for music’s sake — […]