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3 Axioms Helping My Leadership
February 2, 2016


Axioms are self-evident, pithy truths that fit well in ones mental pockets. Here are three that are really helping me right now.

Small is Big

I struggled to believe this one. I like big. Big crowds, big results, big faith, big budgets … all that sounds fun. But here’s the deal, big is illusory. If I want to make a big change in my city, my kids’ lives, my relationship with my wife, or my walk with Jesus, I must work the small things. Eye contact, consistency, prayer, kind words … it’s a game of inches.

Do For One…

This is an old, true Andy-Stanley-ism. “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” So, so good. As the church grows and my heart continues to see more and more of the world that needs so much help, the weight can be crushing. I can’t fix everything, but I can fix something. I can’t do for all, but I can do for some.

You Replicate What You Celebrate

This one is huge. If I want to see a disciple-making, Jesus-exalting, Kingdom-bringing movement in my house, my church, or my city, then I must shout and sing when ground is gained toward those goals.

I love helpful leadership axioms like these. Which ones are helping you?


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  • Rory says:

    My current favourite: ‘When you know your ‘why’ you can endure any ‘how’.
    It helps me ask questions of what I’m doing. If I don’t know the why then there’s a decent chance it’s either not that important or I have lost sight of the goal. Without a solid focus on Jesus it’s easy to get de-railed.

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