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Data Streams | 6 Places to Go
January 4, 2016

What are your data streams?

I’ve got a theory about data streams: most of us have way too few, or too many that are too alike. One of my aforementioned measurable goals is to add a number of new data streams to my life. Data streams are those watering holes of information from which you drink. For me, they look like this:

  1. Bible
    Highly important data stream for me. Should be for you, too.
  2. News
    You’ve gotta get yourself some diverse news sources. I’m talking to you both, Connie Conservative and Libby Liberal. Read Fox and Drudge and MSNBC and Huffington Post. And more.
  3. Tech
    If you live in the West, you live in a world increasingly dominated by technology. Get a few data streams about technology, and what’s coming soon.
  4. Podcasts
    Super helpful data streams, especially if you’re an aural learner like me. Get some good Christian podcasts, and also grab some things that will stretch your brain in different directions.
  5. Books
    Apparently folks used to publish their thoughts in an edited form on paper. I think that may be a fairy tale, but this website called may know something about it.
  6. Think Tanks
    These are groups of smart people who research stuff. Again, you need some good conservative and liberal ones, but know you know they’re there. Go research some stuff.

A final word of warning… social media is an insufficient data feed. It’s the junk-food of the mind. Easy, cheap, and tasty (who, after all, doesn’t like to chow down on a good buzzfeed from time to time). But thinking well on the basis of social media is like trying to live well on Doritos and Skittles — not going to happen.

For more details on what exact data streams I enjoy, just ask 🙂


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